Best Web Hosting in 2020 Features of Web Hosting

Best web hosting 2020

Best web hosting in 2020

In 2020, Friends lots of new web hosting comes in the market. Every day about More than 20 new hosting companies gets established. You will get lots of blogs about the best web hosting. But our blog is different from others.

Our main focus on what features your web hosting provides you. Why this web hosting is better than others and how much you will optimize your website.

Well friends, if you don’t get a good hosting provider you will get trouble in ranking your website. But don’t worry we always here to help you.

Essential Features of Web Hosting

In general, it’s very important to know what essential feature it provides you. There is some basic feature you need to get. Which actually needed.

Free SSL

SSL in web hosting

Well, a friend’s SSL certificate is very important for any website. It makes your website more secure than others. Nowadays google gives very important to SSL certificates.

If you have an SSL certificate your website gets important for google. This increases the chances of increasing your website rank.



Antivirus in web hosting

Well, friends, this is the most important thing on the hosting website. You need to make sure your hosting provider uses Antivirus. If your hosting provider doesn’t use it. Then you definitely need to change your hosting service.

Its most important thing in web hosting these days lots of unwanted activity happening in the market it’s very important to make your website more secure.

Some best antivirus is

  1. Imunify360
  2. cPGuard

Server Backup

Friends if you hosting companies provide server backup features then it’s very good for you. Most of the time it’s not free you need to pay extra for it. But it is a very essential thing. Sometimes your website gets in any trouble then this feature makes you safe.

If the backup feature is not provided by your hosting company don’t worry you can use some plugin to get back up on schedules.

Optimization of WordPress

Optimization is very important. If your website is more optimize then you can increase your website rank faster. Most hosting providers use LiteSpeed and Nginx to optimize the website. But few other companies are also present who use their own optimization setup.

If your company doesn’t use an optimization feature then don’t worry you can use AMP to optimize the website. If you want to know more you can check How to optimize Elementor WordPress in 10 min. Make your website faster and improve rank on google.

Lets us check what are the best web hosting companies in 2020.

Well, friends, every year technology get improves. In the year 2020, some new web hosting started but you need to away from them. I tell you some best hosting company which will improve your speed and increase your rank in google.

SiteGround hosting Started in 2004.

Siteground is a hosting provider company that started in 2004. It is the oldest company in the hosting business. This company is a partner with Google. So it can provide you hosting with google cloud.

It’s a very fast hosting service it has some special features.

  1. Free SSL
  2. Daily Backup
  3. Free CDN ( Its commented with Cloudflare easily.)
  4. Free Email
  5. Managed WordPress
  6. SuperCacher for Great Speed
  7. WordPress Staging

Its have lots of special features.

Bluehost Hosting started in 2003

Bluehost is a leading company started in 2003. Well, I will say Bluehost has good proformas hosting. It will increase your rank faster. It will also give you a free domain and SSL certificate which is very important for SEO. It’s can easily help you to improve your website speed performance. Through that, your website definitely ranks and AMP is perfectly working in it.

Contabo is established in 2003

This company is also started in 2003. this company is totally different from another company. Because its main work to provide dedicated server and VPS hosting. Nowadays it started web hosting. Contabo provides hosting at a very low cost at just 2-4$ per month. It also gives WordPress hosting.

The best part of Contabo. It has its own hosting server in Germany. Well if you check there is no other company. Which have their own established server but Contabo has its own server which is very fast.

Cheap and better web hosting.

Well, friends if you recently started your web hosting service. And you want the cheap and best web hosting then you check it.

AlphaRapid established in 2018

Alpharapid webhosting

Well, friends Alpharapid has good proformas in hosting business it started in 2018. But its good representation in the hosting market. The best part is that it also provides Google cloud hosting and Aws Cloud hosting and digital Ocean web hosting. which is totally mind-blowing. It provides hosting at cheap and best Quality.



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