What is the difference between direct and organic traffic?

difference between direct and organic traffic
difference between direct and organic traffic

What is the difference between direct and organic traffic?

Well, today lots of people are confused between Direct traffic and organic traffic. Here I m going to discuss with you what are the main difference between them. And how they are different from each other.

Difference between Direct traffic and Organic traffic

Organic traffic
  • Increase your rank in google.
  • Get good quality of traffic which really interested in your content.
  • Organic traffic increases your domain authority.
Direct traffic
  • Don’t give any effect on google rank.
  • Don’t get a good visiter.
  • Not increase domain authority

How you will get organic traffic?

Well, friend if you need to get a good quality of organic traffic. You need to write good content on your pages or blog. If your content is good you will definitely get organic traffic. This traffic mainly came from google or bing.

Most of the time people forget. Bing and Google both are equally important. Both give you a great number of organic traffic. Don’t forget to add the website Google webmaster tool and bing webmaster tool.

Friends to get lots of good quality of organic traffic. You also need to do OFF page SEO. This will help you to boost your blog or post in organic search.

Actually I will say contact is the king. Friend lots of time, we are doing a lot of work on our post. But our blog doesn’t rank. It may be due to some basic reason like the website is not in google webmaster tool, there is no social present of websites, or due to less quality content. These are the main reasons why websites not ranking.

Well, friend if you follow us all guidelines. Your blog will definitely rank on Google.

Some other reasons why websites do not get organic traffic.

Sometimes your website content is good. But it has some navigation problems. And your content has no authority.

I had made a blog where I help you how to write content in good manners and get rank on Google.

Sometimes friends we don’t give much effort on social sites. It will not help to increase your blog proformas. You need to act on social media after publishing your blog. The social site definitely helps to rank your website.

Friends it very important to know all the points. I tell you it boost your traffic.

  1. Submit your website in Webmaster tool of google and webmaster tool of bing.
  2. Add your website on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit.
  3. Write good content with on-page SEO.
  4. Update your social media on every single post.

Make good quality of on-page SEO to get organic traffic.

Well, friends on-page SEO is very important for ranking and get a good amount of organic traffic. Organic traffic is better than Direct traffic. It will improve your ranking and increase your domain authority. Make good quality of on-page SEO.

How to get an unlimited amount of Direct traffic?

Friends for direct traffic you need to considered Whatsapp and social sharing. It a very healthy way to get. After writing any post try to share among your friend and family. If your post is good then you will definitely get a good response and you will get higher traffic.

Make sure to share your link in Whatsapp, telegram, and its groups. You will get a good response.


Friends if you get higher visited on your page you will definitely good results. Well, its true organic traffic gives better results then direct traffic. For getting good google traffic you need to write a good blog and your content needs to be clear. To getting direct traffic you need to share more and more friends, and in social groups.


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