How to Add website google webmaster tool?

How to Add the website google webmaster tool?

Google is very important in ranking your website faster. Friends lots of time we make a blog, E-com website, and personal blog but we forget to put in google webmaster tool.

Now I will tell you why putting the website on google is important? What is the role of google to get good organic traffic?

Why putting the website on google is important?

Friends Google is the largest web search engine. It’s working in all countries. Well if your website in on google then it means you will get lots of organic traffic in a very short time. Not only that you will able to increase your reach worldwide. That why I personally love google.

How google work?

Before putting your website on google. It is important to know how it works. Well, Google has lots of bot spider which visiting all the website one by one. And give all the basic information to google supercomputer. After analyzing it. Google decides on what keyword this website needs to put. It also decides at what rank is suitable to a website blog and pages.

How to say google to crawl my website?

Well, google is very intelligent. It decides what to crawl and when to crawl depend upon content and domain authority. Older your domain is more chance google crawl your website. And in another way more you update your website more chance it will crawl.

But to initiate Google to crawl your site. You need to say google to crawl me. For that process, the google webmaster tool is needed. With the help of that, you can increase the frequency.

Need plugin for webmaster tools.

Well to activate google to add your website in search you need to install some plugin in WordPress.

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Insert Headers and Footers


let’s start a step to put your site in webmaster tool.

Open webmaster tool. Signup with your Gmail account. You will get a property section in the dashboard.

Click on ADD property.

Add website google webmaster tool.

Enter your website name in the URL prefix section.

Add website google webmaster tool

At the time to add a website in the webmaster tool. You need to add with https:// for example, Then you click on continues.

Verify ownership of the domain in the webmaster tool.

Well, this is a very important process. You need to verify your domain. Click on HTML tag. And copy it.

Now open your WordPress dashboard. And go to setting >> insert headers and footers >> past your copy tag here and click on save which is located in the lower right corner.

Ownership verification Add website google webmaster tool

Now click on verification.

Well, you will happy to know your domain is added to the webmaster tool.

well after completing these all your, more than 50% of work has been done.  Now you just need to submit a sitemap on the webmaster tool.

How to submit sitemap in webmaster tool?

You need to install and activate the Yoast SEO plugin. It’s compulsory in this process.

After that, you need to open webmaster tool Dashboard.

click on sitemap in webmaster tool. And need to add it just open this

Sitemap submission Add website google webmaster tool

Enter your site make the last word like

  1. sitemap_index.xml
  2. post-sitemap.xml
  3. page-sitemap.xml
  4. category-sitemap.xml
  5. author-sitemap.xml

Enter it one by one and proceed to submit one by one respectively.

Well, friend, everything is completed you Add website google webmaster tool. Now just relax and wait for google to crawl it.

How to Rank on Google?

Friends if you Add website google webmaster tool. Now you need to rank your website on google. For that, you need to follow some basic point which will help you to get good traffic and easy to get organic search.

  1. Get a good hosting provider.
  2. Optimize your website on AMP.
  3. Add your website to google analytic.
  4. And your site on social media.

if you follow these step one by one will definitely rank on google.


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