How to add your website in Bing Webmaster Tool?

How to add your website in Bing Webmaster Tool?

Friend, we all know about google and I already discuss you how to add website in google webmaster tool. Well, friend bing also has the same importance. It also helps you to get lots of organic traffic from USA. There are lots of people in the USA. Who uses bing as a primary search engine.

In this blog, I will help you to add a website in the Bing webmaster tool. It has similar important like google. It also helps you to rank your website in both places. If you put your website on both like google and bing webmaster tool. You will get huge organic traffic.

Well, friends adding website on bing is similar to google. its too easy process. follow my step one by one you will get good results.

Add website in bing webmaster tool

It’s easier to add a website on google and bing master tool. Before that, you need to add Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress.

Sign in to Bing webmaster tool.

First, you need to login in bing webmaster tool. you can log in with your Gmail, or Facebook. it’s too easy.

Add your website in bing dashboard.

Now, friend, you open your dashboard. Here you get an option to add your website or another option to add website directly from the Google webmaster tool.

Well, friend, I will suggest you go with Google Search Console and Import your website content directly.

add your website in Bing Webmaster Tool

Now just need to login to your webmaster tool Gmail and your website will be imported from it. Well, friend if you don’t know how to add a website in google then follow my previous blog on it.

Well, friend your all process is done now. Your website will soon rank on bing depends upon your content.



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