Trick to get Unlimited Traffic from on-page SEO

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Learn Trick to get Unlimited Traffic from on-page SEO

Well, friends on-page SEO is very important to rank. If you do on-page SEO perfectly you will get Unlimited Traffic. Actually friends on-page SEO is the main key to rank on google. Before starting to do on-page SEO. You need to follow some technical SEO

If your ON-page SEO is good then you don’t worry to do any off-page SEO. your blog will definitely rank on google and get lots of organic traffic.

Important Technical SEO checklist to get Unlimited Traffic.

SEO is the most important part of blogging through which you get a good rank in google. Well, Technical SEO is a backend process through which your blog can detect in google or another search engine.

  1. Host your website in a good hosting provider.
  2. Design your website perfectly.
  3. Use the logo on your website.
  4. Optimize your website in AMP.
  5. Add website in google webmaster tool.
  6. Add website in the Bing webmaster tool.
  7. Make a website social present.

These are some important checklist to do in technical SEO. To improve your website’s authority. Lets friends discuss one by one.


Host your website in a good hosting provider.

Well, friends hosting is the most important thing in SEO. If your hosting is good you will definitely get a good rank in google. I will help you to get the three best hosting providers.

Siteground web hosting.

Well, friends site ground is a leading web hosting company. They host websites directly with Google cloud. That’s why they give you a fast web hosting experience. It also does lots of experience in web hosting and always tries to make them faster. I personally love this company for web hosting. They have good experience in WordPress hosting. So I will suggest you buy it.

Why Siteground is best?

If you buy it WordPress Cloud hosting. You will get a special plugin of the site ground called SG Optimizer plugin. This plugin helps you to optimize your website at a very expert level. Due to that its easier to rank on Google.

I had a personal experience that it’s rank my website just in 15 days from 96 positions to 3 possible. I just host my website in Siteground and use this plugin. This plugin optimizes my website and then I use the AMP optimizer process. After a few days, my website ranks on top pages.

Bluehost web hosting.

Well, I will say Bluehost has good proformas hosting. It will increase your rank faster. It will also give you a free domain and SSL certificate which is very important for SEO. It’s can easily help you to improve your website speed performance. Through that, your website definitely ranks and AMP is perfectly working in it.

Alpharapid web hosting.

Well, friends, I have a very good experience with them. They have mainly two types of service. Like the shared web hosting and Cloud Web hosting. Its cloud server is directly connected with Google and AWS so you will get the best web speed to compare to others. If you are looking for cloud hosting I will suggest Alpharapid is the best option. It mainly budgets web hosting. At a low cost, you will get good service.

How to do ON-page SEO and get unlimited traffic?

Friends after choosing a good hosting provider. You need to start your website designing process. And need to do technical SEO.

Use of Yoast SEO plugin in ON-page SEO.

Now friends start the on-Page SEO process. In that, you need to install the Yoast SEO plugin. It’s most important in making good quality of on-page SEO. It has two different Setup one called SEO and other called Readability. Both have indicated in two different tables when you write a blog or post.

Unlimited Traffic from on-page SEO

You need to make both in green color. When you click on SEO you need to write a focus keyword.

Your target keyword is called focus keyword. After writing your focus keyword. You need to scroll down you will get SEO Analysis. You will get lots of problems. check it one by one and solved it. As same in Readability also.

Use Main Keyword & Modifiers From 2NDRY Keywords in Post Title.

Well, friends keyword is very important in blogging. Here I will tell you how to implement the keyword in a blog.

An example is for understanding purposes only.

For example:- You have a blog in which your main keyword is ” My name is Liam” this is your main keyword. Any you want to rank your blog in it. Then you need to also use some other secondary keywords like.

  1. Liam is my name.
  2. My nickname is Liam.
  3. Mr.Liam is a doctor.

You need to identify some similar words

Another example more understanding. “how to write a blog”

  1. how to write a blog post.
  2. Earn Money with a waiting blog.
  3. how to write a travel blog.

Well, friends, you need to identify a main keywords and other 2-3 secondary keywords. And use them is Post title.

Make Post URL Short & Clean And Use Primary Keyword in SLUG.

Friends, maybe you are using longer post titles but make sure you use Permalink and SLUG shorter in length. When you use the primary keyword in SLUG. You will get a good response and google notice your blog.

For example:-

The primary keyword is “how to write a blog”

Your post title is “How to write a blog, Get more ideas to write a blog, Earn money with a blog”

Your keyword SLUG is””

Make your blog like this then you definitely get a good response. And you will get unlimited traffic from on-page SEO.

Try to Use Your Primary Keyword in The First & Last Paragraph.

Writing a blog is not a tough task. It’s easy if you practice more you learn more. When you use the primary  keyword then try to use it in the First and Last paragraphs.

Some Important places you need to use your primary keywords to get good quality traffic from ON-page SEO.


  1. Use Primary keyword in a post title.
  2. Make Url shorter and clear, and use the primary keyword in SLUG.
  3. The density of the primary keyword is around 0.5%. For example, your total word count is 2000. Then use primary keyword approx 10 Times in the whole post. 
  4. Try to use the primary keyword in one or more heading but make sure not more than 3 in 2000 words post.
  5. Use the primary keyword in the image ALT tag.
  6. Try to use all the important keywords in the meta description. Buy make sure that all the keywords are uses in your blog.

Some Important tips for ON-page SEO get good quality traffic.

  1. Write a shorter paragraph. It’s not more than 100-150 words.
  2. Use all types of heading like H1 in the First heading. H2 in a just subheading. and H3-H4 when you want to and new things in that subheading then use it.
  3. When you write your blog then recheck it. Make some important words in color and highlight it.
  4. Add an internal link when it possible. Like if you already wrote a blog on any particular topic. And want to discuss in the current writing blog then write a short sentence of that and link your internal URL on some particular keywords. (which relate to another blog.)
  5. Use the Outbound link of some higher DA and PA websites.
  6. And make sure your page speed is good. I will suggest you optimize your blog with AMP.

How to write a meta description in Yoast SEO.

A meta description is very important in ranking any blog. It increases the chance to click on your website.

Meta description

In Yoast SEO, Go to the SEO section and Click on Edit snippet. You will get a slug and meta description.

What is a meta description?

It’s 150 words line which enhances the chance to make sure your visitor clicks on your website. Meta description increases lots of chances to click on the website to get higher traffic.

What is meta description

Try to use all keywords in it. It increases the chance to click on your website.

Conclusion of Unlimited Traffic from on-page SEO.

Well if you follow all the step which I define in this blog you will definitely get a good result and you definitely get Unlimited Traffic from on-page SEO. I also get lots of traffic from this only.


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