WordPress Vs Blogger- Best Blogging Platform For Beginners.

WordPress Vs Blogger- Best Blogging Platform For Beginners.

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It’s very interesting to know which is better for beginners. Every year lots of new bloggers join in the blogging community. They are very confused which is good. blogger vs WordPress.

Well, friends its totally depends upon your need actually both are good depending upon the condition.

Here I will tell you when you need to change blogger to WordPress or WordPress to blogger.

In what condition blogger is good.

Well friend, every year lots of new members join our blogging community. Our community growing day by day. Most new members confused between bloggers or WordPress. Today I will help you to get which one is better and when you need to start your work.

In blogger, you can start in beginner. It’s 100% free of cost so you can easily host your website in it. If you don’t have a domain then also no problem. In blogger SUBDOMAIN you can easily create your website and start earning.

  1. The best solution for Beginners
  2. It’s free of cost.
  3. No need of domain. (you can use Blogger subdomain)
  4. Bloggers can hold very high traffic.
  5. Host your website in the Google web server.

In what condition Blogger is not good.

Friends, bloggers have some restrictions. Due to that restriction, most of the big blogging community doesn’t use bloggers.

You cant modify your blog much. It’s mainly for static websites. Making SEO with bloggers is very Tough.

  1. bloggers have some restrictions.
  2. Mainly for static websites
  3. Making SEO with bloggers is very Tough.


In what condition WordPress is better than Blogger.

Friends, in lots of expect WordPress is better than Blogger. Like WordPress give you full control over your website you can optimize your website. you can do any changes that you need.

Most members of the blogging community give first priority to WordPress. Because it makes your work very easy. You can optimize your browsing speed and you can also make lots of thing new. Your website SEO is matters in google. If you work on WordPress you can improve your on-page SEO very faster. If you want to start shopping website then also WordPress is your first priority.

  1. No need for coding.
  2. Optimize your website very faster.
  3. Easily use AMP on your website.
  4. Make SEO easy.
  5. You can create an E-commerce website in just one-click.
  6. The chance of ranking websites can increase in WordPress.

In what condition WordPress is not good for You.

Well, friends if you are very new in the blogging community. At that time you mainly focus on less cost. Friends actually WordPress is not free service. You need to buy hosting and domain for it. And in other hand Blogger is totally free for everyone.

  1. Its paid whereas Blogger is free.

Conclusion WordPress Vs Blogger

Friends I give you all basic detail of blogger vs WordPress. I will just say if you want to start blogging and you can’t able to afford WordPress then go with blogger. Whereas WordPress is best. It gives you an all-important system that you need for blogging.


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